Micropiling Configuration,CF4, NEW,

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Max torque 45kNm at 15 rpm
Variable drilling 15 - 60 rpm by on board potentiometer
Setting for the exclusion of 1 motor in order to work at 25kNm torque with 125 rpm
Stroke for 9m (with the expandable undercarriage configuration)
Stroke for 6m (with the fixed undercarriage configuration)
5 ton push-pull force
8 ton push-pull force (optional)
Rotary reduction sleeve with swivel head
Shock absorber device for DTH hammer
Water pump
Hydraulic hoses for water and air
Double clamps min 60 - max 380mm
Safety cage protection
Wired control
Automatic rotary descent

CF4 model is a pure "multifunctional drilling rig" suitable for:

LDP: in Kelly Bar 28m as max depth / 1100mm diameter;
CFA: 12m as max depth / 600mm diameter;
Diaphragm Walls: 15m as max depth / 1500x400mm grabs;
Micropiles/DTH with 8 ton push-pull force.

Price by Request