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Soilmec R312/200

ID: Marke:
2545 R312/200
Modell: Erstzullasung:
Soilmec 2002
Seriennummer: Kilometerstand/Stunden:
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Ort: Preis:
Germany EUR 0
Additional Information:Undercarriage 2500/3700/600mm. Undercarriage D4D class, extendable
from 2500 to 3700mm by means of hydraulic cylinders, with 600mm wide
track pads.Operated by epicycle reduction gear motors.
Diesel engine Cummins 6BTA5.9C-200.
Main hydraulic winch SW130, controlled 1.00 fall type. Grooved drum for 22mm rope.
Two nominal speeds0-38 and 0-76 m/min.Complete with rope guide roller for correct
rope winding. Line pull in first layer 132 kN.
Service hydraulic winch 57 kN, controlled 1.00 fall type. Line pull in first layer 57 kN.
One nominal speed: 0-80 m/min.
Reinforced boxed steel mast L =12m.
R-312/200 rotary table for 355mm o.d 1.00 kelly bar. Sliding along the mast by
means of a slide pad mounted cradle c/w one variable and one displacement
hydraulic motors and epicycle reduction gear.
Nominal torque 113 kNm @ 35 Mpa.
Rated Torque: 104kNm @ 30Mpa
Special head for CFA, 4th line pull, with internal passage, complete with mast extension.
Lower telescopic mast element with hydraulic jack, c/w guide foot pad.
Rope assembly for CFA.
Reduction set between sleeve, swivel and rotary table.
4" swan neck.
4" swivel.
HD4" short sleeve.
HD4" sleeve L = 6m.
Openable lower guide, diam 750mm.